Lenticular - Anvil - Cirrus Kelvin-Helmholtz

Fallstreak Hole -  Mammatus - Polar

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Undulatus Asperatus

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Rene Magritte ~ "Golconda", 1953


Rene Magritte ~ "Golconda", 1953



Tell me about it, stud

This is my all time favorite scene. Ever.



Tell me about it, stud

This is my all time favorite scene. Ever.

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I’ve been on both sides of this conversation

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Mr. Golper, like many comrades in the revolutionary salt-flour-water brigade, is engaged in an ancient and ceaseless battle: against the whims of working with fermenting dough whose personality can shift on a daily or even hourly basis; against the high costs of making bread in what he considers the purest manner; against decades of commercialization that have trained the American eye and palate to expect bread that is soft, gummy, pale and tasteless.

'Most people are trying to make bread as quickly as possible… I don’t think it’s healthy.'

Instead, Mr. Golper, 36, wages a loving blitz upon the miche dough, fermenting it for up to an epic 68 hours and hardening the crust with a bake that goes on for almost double the time (at a slightly lower temperature) than you would find in the average shop. The dough itself contains six different types of flour.”

Small independent bakers in New York, California, Oregon, Virginia and North Carolina (and many points in between) are going to great lengths to approach an ideal of bread that is simultaneously cutting-edge and primordial. They’re hunting down heirloom grains, early forms of wheat like emmer and einkorn, and milling their own flour. …

They’re using unusually wet dough and stretching out fermentation times. They’re trying to conjure up the baker’s version of terroir, creating sourdough starter in the classic manner: simply by letting it sit, welcoming the bacteria in the air so the bread presumably tastes like the place where it was made.”

Read on: Against the Grain

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Hamster Stuffs His Adorably Stupid Face with Carrots

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You can buy this book.

Petipa the cat responds with vigor to Ralph’s flamboyant gestures. ‘I come right down to the cat’s level and begin purring, then push one foot out like a tail,’ says Ralph

We kind of love this, you guys.


i got 20/20 but i still can’t see my haters


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